Our restaurant features both the excellent, traditional Franconian cuisine on the open grill as well as Mediterranean delicacies. Our lavish recipes require the finest products on the market and everything is prepared fresh for you. Our wine list has all the greats from the Franconian wine region and more.

In the Duchy of Coburg restaurants and bakeries were traditionally combined. Johann Rädlein’s original plans for the building called for a bakery on the ground floor back in 1905 when he was finalising plans for the building. We were not able to find out why he changed these plans but decided to implement his business idea 80 years later.

The massive baking oven and the open grill in our “Backstüble” restaurant has become the hotel’s main attraction. 40 guests can indulge in life’s pleasures in an elegant and sophisticated ambience.

The “Backstüble” is open from 10 am to midnight from Monday to Saturday. The chef and his team have Sundays off.