Family celebration in Coburg

Here you will find an extract from our current menu.

We wish you pleasant hours in our house and good appetite!


Natural Orange Juice€ 6.00
Kir from the dry Franconian Silvaner€ 6.00
Kir Royal Creme de Cassis with sparkling wine€ 6.00
Campari with soda or orange juice€ 6.00
Martini bianco, rosso or extra dry€ 6.00
Sherry dry, cream or medium dry€ 6.00
Pêche blanche, dry sparkling wine with peach liqueur€ 6.00
glass of champagne Geldermann carte blanche€ 6.00
Glass of Prosecco€ 6.00
Aperol Sprizz€ 6.00



Salad of white asparagus
Tomato egg vinaigrette / potato rösti / parmesan
€ 10.90
Goat cheese gratinated with sea salt caramel
Leaf Salads / Bread Chips / Strawberries
€ 8.20
Cream soup of Franconian asparagus€ 5.50


Fine grilled beef steaks

Rump steak from Pomeranian beef (200g)€ 24.00
Pomeranian beef fillet steak (200g)€ 28.00
served with
Herb butter / French fries / Salads


Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut

Our classics

Cesar salad with barbecue chicken breast
Cesar dressing / romaine lettuce / toasted bread / parmesan
€ 14.20
Tagliatelle with parmesan sauce
with grilled king prawns€ 14.80
with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts€ 12.80
Portion of Franconian asparagus
Parsley potatoes / hollandaise sauce or melted butter
€ 17.20
with a small Wiener schnitzel€ 23.20
Fish grill plate
Filet of char and pikeperch / king prawns
Risotto / Oven Vegetables
€ 18.90
Wiener Schnitzel
Roasted Potatoes / Cranberries
€ 18.20
Small side salad€ 4.80


Our specialities

Crispy duck “The Traditional”
Mugwort sauce / apple red cabbage / Coburger dumplings
€ 17.80
Crispy duck “The spring like”
Leaf salads with marinated asparagus / tomato vinaigrette
Herbal baguette
€ 18.90
Grilled duck liver “Berlin style”
Fried onions / apple slices / duck jus
Mashed potatoes
€ 16.20


Restaurant Backstüble


Mousse au Chocolate “black and white”
marinated strawberries / vanilla ice cream
€ 7.90
Homemade ice cream
Vanilla cream / chocolate / walnut / eggnog / raspberry sorbet
Strawberry yogurt
per ball
€ 1.60
in addition
hot raspberries
€ 2.70
in addition
hot chocolate sauce
€ 2.70




Kulmbacher Edelherb on tap0.3 l2.90 €
Kulmbacher Edelherb on tap0.5 l€ 4.50
Itzgrunder draft beer in a clay jug0.5 l€ 3.50
Franciscan wheat beer, light or dark0.5 l€ 4.20
Erdinger non-alcoholic wheat beer0.5 l€ 4.20
Mönchshof Schwarzbier0.5 l€ 4.00
Mönchshof naturally cloudy cellar beer0.5 l€ 4.00
Clausthaler extra-low alcohol-free beer0.5 l€ 4.00
Coca Cola, Fanta0.2 l€ 3.00
mineral water mineral water0.25 l€ 2.90
mineral water mineral water0.7 l€ 5.50
Thuringian forest spring (low carbon)0.25 l€ 2.90
Hellspeak Mineral water (low carbon)0.7 l€ 5.50
Adelholzener naturell0.75l€ 6.00
Orange Juice Granini0.2 l€ 3.80
Grape Juice Granini0.2 l€ 3.80
apple juice0.2 l€ 3.00
Lemon Lemonade0.2 l€ 1.90



cup of coffee2.80 €
espresso€ 3.00
Espresso, double€ 4.50
Cappuccino€ 3.20
Latte Macchiato€ 3.90
milk coffee€ 3.00
iced coffee€ 6.00


From the old Franconian distillery A.J. Dirker, Mömbris

Franconian plum water4.00 €
Speierling Brand€ 4.50
cherry water€ 4.50
Ringlowasser (Reneklodenwasser)€ 4.50

Inclusive prices – all surcharges included

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