Luca App in the Hotel Stadt Coburg

App Luca


The Luca app for your safety

Secure contact tracing in hotels and restaurants is a strategic building block for overcoming the pandemic. Whereas last year paper lists were still used for this purpose, in which guests had to sign in, this process has been significantly simplified: the Luca app was developed in order to be able to trace infection chains more easily and effectively. Via this app – if the worst comes to the worst – contact tracing can be done quickly and easily and is transmitted directly to the health authorities.

The spread of this app is currently massively increasing. And celebrities such as the “Fantastischen Vier” are also using their charisma to promote Luca.

Registering with the Luca app is this easy

  • Download the Luca app from the Apple iStore or the Google Playstore onto your smartphone.
  • Then follow the clear instructions, where you only have to enter your contact details once.
  • To register, simply scan the QR code provided by us yourself.
  • (For guests who don’t have a smartphone, there is even an analogue key fob from the app’s manufacturer – which can be scanned).

If you have any further questions, please contact us on tel. +49 9561 874-0.

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