Hotel Stadt Coburg Hausansicht

As hosts we take pride in creating a courteous and welcoming atmosphere where we can offer our guests an ambiance tailored to their needs in a hotel that combines both classic and business elements. We do our best to uphold traditions, support our region and gain your trust. Trends and the needs of our guests are our guiding principles.

The value of our service can be measured by how we meet modern standards of quality. We don’t take our advertising claims lightly and do everything we can to live up to them. As Ringhotel hosts we are thoroughly convinced that high quality standards, thoughtful service, a personal atmosphere and traditional hospitality are values worthy of upholding.

The sincere cordiality of our staff and the combination of trends and tradition all come together to create a harmonious picture of our hotel Stadt Coburg in Franconia.


The history of this traditional building

The history of the building reaches far back into the last century. 100 years ago, in January of 1905, “Zur Stadt Coburg” was opened as an inn and a place to buy bottled beer. Over the following years several guest rooms were added to the building.

After many years of expansion and innovation the hotel now ranks highest among hotels in the Franconia’s Veste (medieval fortress) town. Today, the three-star superior business class Ringhotel is highly regarded in the tourism business in the city of Coburg in Franconia.

The Gutwill family has now owned and operated this traditional place for 30 years. Mrs Gisela Gutwill runs the hotel with great passion and dedication.