Weltkulturerbe Bamberg
Discover the world cultural heritage of Bamberg from the comfort of Coburg: This is what the Hotel Stadt Coburg offers you in direct location to the train station...

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2399″ img_size=”full”][sohohotel_title type=”title3″ title1=”Description”][vc_column_text]The “Franconian Rome”, as Bamberg is also called, has an extensive range of activities on offer, covering everything from art and culture, beer tradition or the unique, historic cityscape. Not to mention its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The city has something to offer for everyone, so a trip to Bamberg is definitely worth it.

By ICE train, you can be in the city of Franconian beers in under 30 minutes. In the world heritage city of Bamberg and in the Bamberg countryside, there are sights in abundance. While in Bamberg itself you can enjoy the urban flair with its rich cultural offerings, on excursions to the countryside you will appreciate the beautiful nature and rustic brewery taverns that invite you to stop for a bite to eat. As a reward, a rustic snack in the world-famous Franconian inn “Schlenkerla” with a smoked beer beckons.

Room and board

  • 2 overnight stays including breakfast
  • 1 x evening dinner – 3-course meal of your choice – in our “Backstüble”
  • 1 snack at the „Schlenkerla“
  • Train ticket to Bamberg and back with DB

Booking period

Arrival: Monday – Saturday possible

Prices per person

Double room 225 € per person

Arrangement after advance booking and availability.

Highlights in the world heritage city Bamberg:

Listed buildings, medieval charm, magnificent baroque architecture: Bamberg worth seeing! Find out about the numerous sights here and put together your own individual sightseeing tour. E.G.: Cathedral, World Heritage Visitor Centre, St. Michael Monastery, Old Town Hall, Altenburg Castle, Cathedral Square, New Residence, Rose Garden and much more.

Highlights in and around Coburg:

It’s in the mix!  With us, you get two cultural regions in one package. Be it Coburg’s historic medieval town center, palace Ehrenburg, castle Callenberg or the supra-regionally known Veste Coburg: The tourism region Coburg Rennsteig promises you will also experience the duchy of Coburg in its full splendor. Not to mention Franconia’s various culinary delights. In Franconia you will experience variety that is unparalleled elsewhere[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”15px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Frühlingserwachen in Coburg: Lauschen Sie dem Vogelgezwitscher im Hofgarten oder brechen Sie zu Ihrer ersten Radtour auf. Unser Hotel bietet dafür die perfekte Basis.