Landing in Coburg

Auf Coburg fliegen


“Flying high” in Coburg

Above the clouds, the freedom must be boundless: And then everything goes much too fast again. Only half an hour to go to the Coburg commercial airfield. I have to prepare for landing and want to concentrate on the approach in the beautiful Franconian landscape. “Werner, could you please find us a hotel in Coburg that caters for pilots?” “Sure, Sandra, I’ll do it right away: Ah, here in Google I found the Hotel Stadt Coburg. Apparently they cater to air travellers like us. It all reads great! Shall I?” “Yes, but please do!”. Crew! Prepare for landing!

Your Hotel Stadt Coburg – we are the pilot hotel

“Tower Coburg – could you please book the best hotel?” The Hotel Stadt Coburg is especially designed for aviators, pilots and air travellers from all over the world who want to land in Coburg. The procedure is the same for private or business flights: For people who reach the city and district of Coburg via the airfield, the same question always arises: Which hotel is actually suitable for us pilots?

Business connection to all companies

We can provide you with expert information on the various companies in Coburg and the district, how to reach them and how to initiate and organise meetings and conferences at short notice. Our digital equipment is also ideally suited for zoom or team meetings.

Your solution is our house, as we are easily accessible, have an integrated restaurant in addition to our excellent rooms and suites: The Backstüble. So you are welcome to call up the menu at lofty heights and order a delicious, original Franconian dish. We will prepare (you are still landing) your table, but also your room(s). If you wish, we can also provide you with transport.

In summary, our checklist looks like this:

  • We speak English
  • Enquiry via Tower or phone and email
  • Booking procedure to the hotel
  • Room agreement
  • Your order for dinner or breakfast
  • Transport from Coburg airfield and back
  • Call: +49 9561 874-0

Why the Hotel Stadt Coburg?

Firstly, because we are owner-managed and operate in an agile manner. Secondly, because our rooms are probably very close to your needs (often confirmed to us by pilots). Thirdly, because our measures make your journey much easier. Fourthly, because sleeping, breakfasting and eating (Das Backstüble) can be combined in one place, but don’t have to be. Fifthly, because we hope that you will now end up in Coburg more often.

Insider tip! Das Backstüble

Fränkische Rouladen

Franconian roulades

Word has got around that the Backstüble is a unique restaurant with exceptionally good food (and cook). Selected wines and of course a cold beer after your flight? You’ve earned it. Try it out.

The “flying” team of the Superior Business Class Hotel Stadt Coburg is looking forward to seeing you!

We wish you a pleasant flight.

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