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Recommendation in the Varta Guide
Hotel Stadt Coburg

Our hotel was recommended in the prestigious Varta Guide in November 2020. From the view of the guide’s experts we are one of the top addresses in Germany. But not only our hotel, but also our Restaurant Backstüble is recommended by the Varta Guide.

We thank you for the confidence in us – and regard the recommendation as an obligation for the future, not only to hold our high standard but also to keep improving.

What is the Varta Guide and was does the recommendation mean?

Since 1957, the “Varta Guide” is published in Germany as an independent hotel and restaurant guide. The publisher MairDumont publishes the more than 1,000 page guide annually in October. The editors in Ostfildern are responsible for the content. The Varta Guide considers itself a reference for hotels and restaurants. It recommends more than 4,000 hotels and more than 2,000 restaurants.

The Varta testers are experts in hotel management and chefs in the sophisticated gastronomy and hotel industry. They test anonymously. The candidates to be reviewed are chosen by the editorial staff. As an orientation, they view previous issues as well as publications in the press. Tips from readers are also included in the valuation.

Hotels and restaurants can submit an application to be considered for a recommendation in the Varta Guide. Of course, the applicant cannot influence the review. We are all the more excited about being highly recommended.



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Hotel Coburg recommended by independent experts from the Varta Guide: hotels and restaurants in Germany are recommended by the independent Varta Guide. The staff in our hotel as well as our restaurant Backstüble are excited. The Varta Guide is one of the authorities in evaluating restaurants and hotels. Every reviewed hotel is concious about the evaluation by independent experts. The businesses are tested by experts anonymously. Exceptional restaurant addresses are also listed. Varta Guide 2020.

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