The Hofgarten’s Golden Autumn

Herbstgold Arrangement

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Autumn Gold Arrangement. Autumnal Coburg.

Whether young or old: walking through the Coburg Hofgarten (court garden) in autumn is a wonderful gift of togetherness. The birds are chirping, the autumn leaves are falling. Light streams through the trees, some of which are centuries old, onto the well-maintained walkways. The 167 metres in altitude can easily be bridged with the train shaped „Gecko“ bus. Then the walk goes from the top, from the crown of Franconia, the Veste Coburg, down via the Schlossplatz to the city centre.

Those who prefer a more athletic walk will find their way meandering through the branching paths all the way to the top, where they can also enjoy the history and tradition of one of the best-preserved castle complexes in Germany. The Hofgarten invites you to philosophise together. To talk about the future and about the past and to find a good way forward.

This „Autumn Gold“ arrangement includes:

  • At least one night in a double room Hotel Stadt Coburg
  • Breakfast included
  • Joint bratwurst meal on Coburg’s market square

Price per person per arrangement:

from 79 € in a double room
2 nights 144 € in a double room
3 nights 209 € in a double room

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